Rebel Fay

Rebel Fay, by Barb and J. C. Hendee, is the 5th book in the Noble Dead series. With each book better than the last, this is definitely one of my favorites series. And there’s a spin-off series in the works, so I won’t have to wait an entire year between each novel.

Rebel Fay begins with Magiere, Leesil, Wynn, and Chap continuing on their journey into Elf territory in order to find and rescue Leesil’s mother. Unsure of whom to trust, they must be on guard at all times in a land where they are the enemy. And worst of all, they have to put themselves in the hands of the caste of assassins in order to find Leesil’s mother.

But there are two sides of an old war at work. Both sides have their plans for Magiere (a dhampir: half-human, half-vampire) and Leesil (half-human, half-elf). And the shocking truth is finally revealed.

The Hendees continue to shape this story and their characters in an epic fashion. While this story is almost entirely centered in the elven lands, it never gets slow and never lacks suspense. Every character is unique and described in such a way that you feel that you know them.

Unlike most that I read, this series must be read in order, as things that happen in one book would spoil the previous one. And the endings of each leave you craving the next. If you like medieval fantasy with plenty of action or vampire-slayer novels, this series is a must.

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12 thoughts on “Rebel Fay”

  1. Dhampir is the first in the series. You wont be disappointed. I guarantee.

    I plan on reading them all again soon.

    I know about never-ending TBR piles though… Oh, well.. I always have a variety of books to choose to read next.

  2. I just ordered the first Jim Butcher novel, and now you tempt me with another series?! GAH! I wish I could devour books like you do, SciFiChick!

  3. oOOOH! CAN I BE THE WENCH ON THE COVER WITH THE SPEAR AND WOLF? ummmm – sorry – didn’t mean to yell. I second Christine – what’s the first book? Drives me wacko when i buy something interesting only to discover i’ve started a series midway. Did that with Christine Warren series – though it was totally worth backtracking.

  4. I look at ‘Dhampir’ everytime I go into the bookstore but haven’t bought it yet. I haven’t heard anything about the series before now. No one I know has read these!

    But with such a glowing review I will have to pick the 1st one up. I love starting a series where there are several books. I hate the long wait between novels.

  5. Half-vampire?! Okay, it’s going on my list. I did get the first book in the Dresden files a while back thanks to your review too! Now, just need to find a way to read faster 🙂

  6. Hi SciFiChick,

    I just wanted to thank you for all your nice words and thoughts on our books. I just love Rebel Fay–and a lot of the story came from J.C.’s mind this time around.

    I just read your review on Amazon, and I found it thoughtful and in-depth–without giving too much away (smiles).

    We are working on the final line edit for Child of a Dead God (book six), and it’s just such a BIG book and we’re both exhausted

    And it’s so nice to get feedback on Rebel Fay.

    We are just amazed at the way the series is selling.

  7. Barb – Thanks for stopping by! I miss your forums, so it’s nice to hear any tid bits from you about your books. I’m glad they’re doing so well too.. that means you guys can keep writing them! Keep up the great work!

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