The Rover

The Rover, by Mel Odom, is a wonderful start to a great fantasy series.

Wick is a dweller (akin to a hobbit) and Third-Level Librarian for the Vault of All Known Knowledge. His father is disappointed in him for not following him in to the lamp lighting business. And his supervisor is hard on him for reading so many adventure stories instead of educational materials.

Through a humorous misunderstanding, Wick finds himself shanghaied aboard a pirate ship. Little Wick has many adventures that lead him into danger, but he learns a lot about the world and himself along the way.

This series is compared to Lord of the Rings, but it’s much more light-hearted and easier to read. The character Wick is fun and endearing. The story is both adventurous and humorous. And I love Odom’s style of writing.

I wasn’t able to find this series at my local bookstores, but they’re still available at and

16 thoughts on “The Rover”

  1. I know! I need to get back to drawing too.
    Yes, it’s definitely kid friendly. It’d be a great book to read to them. It’d take a while to get through, but so much happens to him.

  2. I just finished Scent of Shadows and liked that quite a bit. I’ll probably throw a review up in a day or two.

    I need to go back to the Noble Dead series, I haven’t read those in awhile.

  3. I read all the Shanarra books years ago, or at least the one’s that were out at the time. They’re written by Terry Brooks and I remember liking them, though they can get a little repetitive. I read the second book, The Elfstones of Shanarra, first and it ended up being my favorite. I still have them and I think they’re worth a read.

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