Rogue Angel: God of Thunder

Rogue Angel: God of Thunder, by “Alex Archer”

Creed is a part-time archeologist, part-time host of a tv show called Chasing History’s Monsters, and full-time adventurer.

When Annja Creed receives a mysterious package from an old friend, she is attacked before she can even get her hands on it. Mercenaries have been hired to take the package from her at all costs. When she finds out that her friend has been brutally murdered by the same attackers, she decides to look into his research on the legend of Thor, god of Thunder, and find out what everyone is searching for.

The suspense has stepped up in this installment when Annja’s friend is tortured and murdered. Other friendships are tested. And, of course, there’s the always present archeological mystery, this time focusing on Norse mythology. As before, the research and details that go into a story like this, constantly impresses me. It’s not only informative, but presented in an interesting and exciting way. And then, there’s the element of fantasy blended in, with the sword of Joan of Arc that Annja possesses and her occasional immortal companions, Garin and Roux.

The Rogue Angel series has been out for about a year now. And I’m never disappointed with the amount of action and suspense. And as not to deter new readers, they don’t need to be read in order. Each story is inclusive to itself. Only the first in the series Destiny, needs to be read first in order to get the background story on Annja, the sword, and her immortal aquaintances.

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  1. I’ll have to read this one! I like the cover art. They have picked some nice ones lately.

    And I love your new banner! Not that I didn’t like the old one, I did, but the new one is good too. 🙂

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