The Invasion

The Invasion

When a shuttle falls to earth, mysterious spores are found in the wreckage. And those exposed to the alien substance begin displaying strange, emotionless behavior. Soon Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) becomes sucked into a nightmare where no one is who they seem to be. Her friend and colleague Ben Driscoll (Daniel Craig) helps Carol discover that the alien organism infects people and changes them when they fall asleep. While trying to stay awake, Carol must avoid the growing number of changed zombie-like people and find her missing son who may hold the key to stopping the invasion.

The Invasion is literally a non-stop, heart-pounding thriller. As I left the theater, I felt like I had just had 10 cups of coffee. Emotions and suspense run rampant from beginning to end. Kidman and Craig have wonderful chemistry. And the acting was incredible, especially from Kidman and the young boy who played her son.

Coming down from such an intense adrenalin rush, I must admit it was a fun ride.

11 thoughts on “The Invasion”

  1. There were a couple of points where I felt like some scene must have been left on the cutting room floor, because it felt like something was missing or skipped past; the pacing was just a little jumpy. Other than that, however, I definitely enjoyed this movie!

  2. I’ve read that there were some editing issues and some unhappiness on the direction of the film amongst various parties. Glad to hear that it was still entertaining. I almost went this weekend, simply to see NK, but I will probably end up waiting for the DVD on this one.

  3. I don’t usually go to movies. It’s sad, but I’m just too busy. This is one that, when I saw the preview, I thought, “This looks like it could be good.” Perhaps I will see it. But that tag line… “do not fall asleep.” That brings it out of a sci-fi genre for me and into sheer horror. 🙂

  4. This looks like an exciting film that I’ll have to check out too. I like how it’s got a premise that’s exciting and just plausible enough to make you look twice at everybody. I just hope it never happens to me because I get cranky without my beauty sleep.

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