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According to SciFiWire:

Summer Glau, who stars as a teenage-girl terminator in the upcoming Fox series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, told SCI FI Wire that her character is a departure from any of the models seen in the Terminator films.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (whose title may change to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) picks up the story of the title character and her son, John Connor, sometime after the 1991 second film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Glau plays a mysterious girl named Cameron, who turns out to be a terminator sent back from the year 2027 to protect John and Sarah in the past.

Glau, best known for her role as River Tam in the series Firefly, said that she was daunted at the prospect of taking on an iconic character who doesn’t have any emotions to draw upon.

“I was, to be honest, very intimidated,” she said. “I didn’t know how to play this character. I’ve played very vulnerable characters so far, and it’s kind of what I do. So playing a girl that can’t truly feel anything was very intimidating for me. It was hard to find a way to make the scene interesting. And I worked with Josh a lot of it. And then, in my final test, when I tested for the role, he wrote a third scene where I had to cry. And I was so confused by it at first. And then I realized that he’s really going to take this far. She is really human. She can mimic the most subtle human emotions as well as a spy.”

“I called Joss when I got the role, because I wanted his input and what he thought about me doing this,” she said. “I just love any opportunity for a young girl to be empowered and to play a role like this. I think we can’t get enough of that in this day and age. And I think there’s still a lot of oppression for girls in Hollywood. I have to be honest. There’s a lot of roles that are still degrading, I think, for girls. And I’ve turned down a lot of things because I want to play roles like this where girls are celebrated and they’re empowered and it’s inspiring.” The Sarah Connor Chronicles will premiere on Fox in early 2008.

Knowing that Summer Glau will be playing this role, I just may have an interest in watching this now.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Connor Chronicles News”

  1. Oh wow. That’s awesome, I agree that I’ll have to check it out, just to see Summer Glau.

    I was just reading yesterday that they had decided to change some of the story line where fighting occurs in John’s school because of the events at Virginia Tech.

  2. Yeah, they can probably change that around to something other than another school shooting… even if it does involve robots from the future. It seems to be in bad taste.

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