Shift, by Chris Dolley, is his second novel that published in July of this year.

Serial killer Peter Pendennis is locked away in the psych ward at Upper Heywood. Suffering from multiple personality disorder, Peter shocks his doctor when a personality surfaces who happens to be astronaut John Bruce. Louise Callander, John’s old girlfriend, is called in to talk to Peter/John to confirm if he knows things that only John would know. Nick Stubbs is then asked to look into the matter, as he has performed experiments in other dimensions dealing with the brain.

But when a body is found, brutally slain in Peter Pendennis fashion, Nick realizes someone is trying to frame him. Pendennis is supposedly still incarcerated. So how can Nick stop a serial killer who isn’t bound by physical dimensions?

Shift is an exciting and shocking futuristic thriller. The characters are original, and the imagery pulls you in. Incorporating heart-pounding suspense and an inventive twist of science fiction, I enjoyed this story even more than Dolley’s Resonance. This is another author I’ll definitely be watching.

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  1. This sounds pretty good. You’ve been reading some good stuff lately.

    OT: Just started ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ and you were so right. It is just SO good. I’m only a few chapters in and I love it.

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