Talk of Smallville’s End has an interesting post taken from SciFi Magazine on Producer Alfred Gough discussing the end of Smallville and saying goodbye to some of the characters.

Hopefully, we can (finally!) see the end of Clark and Lana’s relationship sooner, rather than later.

Check it out here:

4 thoughts on “Talk of Smallville’s End”

  1. Why do people hate Clana so much?!?! They’re cute together even though we know he’s going to end up with Lois. I, for one, have been enjoying the Clana rollercoaster of love.

  2. Lol. You’re right, the rollercoaster relationship has been great to follow.

    It’s nothing personal against Lana. But once you willingly get yourself involved in the Web of Luthordom you simply become tainted.

  3. Is it just me, or does it seem as though Chloe is the really breakout star of the show? All the other characters, except Lionel Luthor, are already part of the Superman cast.

    She’s the moral core of it, really, since Martha Kent has gone on to be some sort of politician. And now that she’s revealed to have some kind of ‘meteor power’, doesn’t that leave open the question of what happens to her? She doesn’t necessarily have to die as a character, just because she knows all about Clark Kent.

    What if she becomes some new super character, which might become a new character also in comic-book-land?

    Or, what if she becomes Supergirl? Is there any other character in Smallville who has the true-blue, heart-of-gold-ness that a Supergirl would have to possess?


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