The 4400: Wet Work

The 4400: Wet Work, by Dayton Ward

In 1992, Lona Callahan, an assassin known as the Wraith, disappeared without a trace. 13 years later, Lona finds that she was abducted and returned, along with 4399 other people, with no memory of missing years. But when CIA agents try to pick Lona up for a long-overdue debriefing, she decides to go her own way. And Lona is surprised to discover she has an amazing power. But soon it becomes clear that she was given a purpose to fulfill. One that seems impossible to ignore.

Baldwin and Skouris get assigned to the case, when a CIA official is assassinated and fingers are pointed toward the Wraith. And the CIA opens up about who the Wraith is, in order to save other operatives from being killed by Lona. But capturing this 4400 won’t be easy. Besides being a professional assassin, Lona has an incredible power that makes her faster than the eye can see.

Since the groundbreaking show was cancelled, The 4400 story is being carried along in novel form. And as an avid fan, I have been pleasantly surprised with the books so far. Wet Work doesn’t continue after the last season. Instead, the story takes place while Ryland is still director of NTAC.

With intrigue, adventure, suspense, and cool super powers, this is an exciting addition to the 4400 series. Fans will definitely be pleased. Stories like this is what made the show great.

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