7 thoughts on “Worst Enemy Cancelled”

  1. I watched the first two episodes and thought it was really good but I stopped after that. I thought they should have waited a couple episodes for him to discover his other personality. It would have been more fun if he didn’t know for a while instead of finding out right away in the first episode. I didn’t think it was bad though at all and definetely didn’t deserve to be canceled. Maybe the time affected the show since it was on kind of late, 10:00 pm.

  2. I am beyond frustrated and extremely dissapointed with most of the networks now-a-days. It seems like they cancel all the good new shows, and keep ones that I have no desire to ever watch.

    On top of that, the episode count in a season is a joke. 12 to 22 episodes make a season? What ever happened to a season going from Fall to Summer with a new episode every week? This one or two new episodes, then a week or two of either re-runs or who knows what, is just insulting. And they wonder why they can’t find or keep viewers? They need to give their heads a shake!

  3. I will never understand TV Networks. They will not give quality shows time to build and find an audience. Agree that 9:00 PM (CST) is tough slot but still it should have given at least a season. Maybe they can stick another Deal or No Deal :{

  4. The Cancelation of My own Worst Enemy shouldn’t be a shock to anybody. Every new show that nbc puts in that time slot ends up getting canceled. The Black Donnelys, Journeyman, and My own Worst Enemy were all really good shows. I refuse to even hold my breath on anything NBC puts in that time slot. Odds are they will keeping canceling anything they put on in that timeslot.

  5. That’s bull! I was disappointed when the cancelled “Journey man”, and now the got rid of “My own worst enemy”. Will there even be a DVD release? I hope they get picked by another Channel.

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