The Last Mimzy

I did go to the theater by myself yesterday to see The Last Mimzy. I’m glad I only paid matinee price. It’s definitely for children. I probably would have loved it as a child. I could compare it to a wild adventure like Disney’s Flight of the Navigator. But without the cool space ship and Jim Henson’s muppet aliens.

The premise is that our future is in trouble. So, an old scientist sends back through time a box of high tech toys for gifted children to find. They’re our future’s last chance. Why? That’s never really explained. But hence, it’s called the Last Mimzy. Mimzy being the artificially intelligent stuffed bunny that only little Emma can understand.

The actors were all great. The two children (Chris O’Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn) are extremely cute and did a great job of acting like child geniuses. The parents (Timothy Hutton and Joely Richardson) had smaller roles, but Rainn Wilson did have a wonderful role as Noah’s science teacher. As well as his eccentric fiancé, played by Kathryn Hahn.

But many times the story falls more into the realm of impossible fantasy instead of science fiction. Noah can control the movement of bugs my making strange sounds with his voice. Strange, but I could let that one slide. But at the end of the movie, the government watches some strange stuff happen. (Trying not to give spoilers, but it’s a kid’s movie. You pretty much know what’s going to happen.) The government, instead of asking a million questions and taking the children to do experiments on them, they just leave. Saying barely a word. Come on. Time travel is more likely than the government leaving them alone.

It’s definitely a movie for children, but it is entertaining enough that you won’t want to gouge out your eyes if your kids beg you to see it.
*Note: I did want to gouge out my eyes while watching The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, for which I had free passes.

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  1. I’m glad you gave this review. I was thinking of taking the kiddies to this, but then I saw the preview, and that makes it seem almost scary.

    BTW, my kids loved Shark Boy and Lava Girl : ) I know. I know.

  2. Jill – One little girl was crying in the restroom after the movie. But she wouldn’t tell her mother what part made her cry. I have a feeling she was just sensitive about the sad part, when the little girl cries. It definitely wasn’t a scary movie, by any means.

  3. Thanks for the review! I wasn’t sure by the previews how this would look. Now I know.
    Hope you are well and staying out of trouble!

  4. Kim – Hey! Yes.. hope you guys are doing well too!

    Christine – I would think so. It’s definitely geared towards young children. There are a couple things that looked a little creepy. But compared to some other children’s movies out there, it’s pretty tame.

  5. Good review. I won sneak peek tickets to this last weekend but ended up giving them to a friend as we had plans. They seemed to enjoy it.

  6. Who wouldn’t gouge out their eyes over The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl?

    I’m glad you posted this review because I had been thinking of seeing this film in the theatres. Now I just think I’ll wait for it to come home on Netflix.

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