Interview Me Meme

Vicky gave me 5 questions as a short interview meme:

1. Why SciFi?
Why not? No, really, the person who got me watching scifi was my father. I watched whatever he watched, whether it be science fiction or kung fu movies. The tables have turned now that I’m an adult, and he doesn’t have cable. I tape our favorite shows for him and pass along books that I know he’ll like. My mother thinks we’re both crazy.

2. You read a bazillion books (I don’t exaggerate) what one has been your absolute favourite and why?
My all-time favorite actually isn’t science fiction. I know, shocking. But it is the Count of Monte Cristo, by Dumas. I don’t know of any other book that has affected me as much. The beautiful writing and the heart-breaking story. My favorite part is when he’s with the old priest in prison. When the Count tells the old man that he doesn’t believe in God anymore, the old priest says, “That doesn’t matter. He believes in you.”

3. What inspires you to draw? (Other than people paying you fist fulls of money? 😉 )
Hah. I don’t get paid fist fulls of money. Oh, how I wish. Actually, I really do have to be in the mood to draw, if it’s for myself. I haven’t drawn anything in a couple months. But soon, I’ll started getting the urge to create. And I’ll pick it back up and start drawing again. The best inspiration I get is seeing great photographs of a face or expression. As in, that latest poster of Johnny Storm? Yeah, that’s next on my list. But I also love drawing children. My favorites have been doing drawings for parents of their kids.

4. Have you ever considered a job other than what you do – for example – off the top of my head… a writer maybe? Hint. Hint.
I’ve considered many, many jobs. I would have never dreamt of the job I have now. My family still doesn’t understand what I do! As a young teen, I loved writing stories. I’m not sure when I stopped. But again, going to a small Christian school, we didn’t have expanded literature or writing classes. In fact, I don’t think I ever had any actual class experience in creative writing. It was limited to book reports. How sad is that?
Who knows? If I’m ever inspired, I may decide to sit down and try my hand at writing.

5. What is your favourite (secret) indulgence. We won’t tell!
Hmm.. My favorite indulgence would probably be Iced Caramel Macchiatos from Starbucks on warm days. I treat myself every once in a while.


This has been fun, Vicky. Thanks!

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  1. I love, love, love The Count of Monte Cristo and that’s one of my favorite moments! Perfect! And, I like your dad. Can you loan him to me? Mine used to tape movies off HBO, for me. My mom thought we were both nuts. I can relate.

  2. Great interview. I was too chicken to do that, well that and I have no time. Great interview, and by reading your posts earlier in the year I knew Count of Monte Cristo and Caramel Macchiatios (which are delish btw)!

    Oh and I bought Rogue Angel Solomons Jar to read someday!!!!

  3. Nancy – Since he doesn’t have extended cable now, he couldn’t really do much for you except to talk about the shows he’s seen on basic cable.. LOL

    Amy – Solomon’s Jar is okay, but the ones written by Mel Odom (every other one starting with the first, Destiny) are my favorite. Hope you enjoy! And yes… I don’t really have any “secret” indulgences.. I’m boring.

    Billy – I got what you meant.. that’s what matters. LOL

  4. I think it’s extremely interesting to see how even genres are laden with gender-labeling. There are plenty of women out there who enjoy science fiction and are not considering themselves “geeks” or “nerds”. Funny how certain genres have those stereotypes.

    That might be the single biggest reason I come to this blog. You prove there’s more to the genre than Vampire: The Masquerade, Magic: The Gathering, or comic book heros.

  5. I’ve loved scifi since I was a kid. It’s wonderfully intelligent and still entertaining. I wish more people had an open mind about it…and romance too!

  6. I love the reason you got into scifi! I’m a daddy’s girl too so I completely understand being looked at like a crazy person when my mom knows were up to something. I think it’s wonderful you tape the shows for him and watch them together!

    As for your indulgence… wow, you must have some willpower, because Starbucks used to be a daily treat for me… I can’t go without it, but I don’t consider it and indulgence per se. Triple chocolate brownie and cookie dough ice cream or triple chocolate caramel cake… now that’s an indulgence! To me you know it’s an indulgence when you HAVE TO lick the plate no matter who sees you do it! 🙂

    Great answers Angela!

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