Things You Never New Existed

Have you ever checked out the site I’ve been wasting some time looking at fun stuff on there. And seeing some gems like this set of books to the right. They’re supposedly motion-censored, so that when someone walks by, the middle book slides out and looks like it will fall. Pointless? Yes. But it looks like so much fun. And it’s book-related.

Most of the paraphernalia is Halloween-themed, but there are many generic novelty items as well. A backwards clock, t-shirts, collectibles, and pranks.. starting at .99 on up. It’s a fun way to waste some time on a Friday morning!

5 thoughts on “Things You Never New Existed”

  1. I only had time for a quick look here at work, but I want the Hot/Cold Faucet Light. That’s just cool! I’m going to have to play around when I get home tonight.

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