13 Things I Learned From Watching Quantum Leap

I’ve shared 13 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Star Wars and 13 Things I’ve Learned from Watching Battlestar Galactica. Now, I give you 13 Things I Learned From Watching Quantum Leap:

1. When married, “Swiss Cheese memory” is very convenient.

2. Sam will eventually fix everything.

3. Between the two of them, Sam and Al had the knowledge and skill of, literally, everyone on the planet.

4. If it would have been anyone else, they would have crashed and burned.

5. “Oh, boy” works just as well as any curse word.

6. Not many men are secure enough in their masculinity to wear a dress. More than once.

7. Brooke Shields didn’t have to do any acting for this role.

8. My Hell would be leaping into the disco era over and over again.

9. They were too cheap to hire an actor to play the dad. Bakula had to double up.

10. Electroshock therapy. The worst possible place to leap into.

11. Paramount has seen Bakula like this, and they still let him be a starship captain? Rock on.

12. Losing his shirt meant an influx of female viewers.

13. Scott Bakula is typecast. Even during Necessary Roughness, I kept expecting him to “leap.”

23 thoughts on “13 Things I Learned From Watching Quantum Leap”

  1. Luckily, electroshock therapy is generally done when the patient is sedated, but that doesn’t make for very exciting drama.

    I loved “Quantum Leap”! Hope it starts being shown again somewhere.

  2. Cool list. I remember watching this sometimes(even back then I was never what you would call a regular watching tv series). Happy TT.

  3. Do you remember when Scott played Murphy Browns main squeeze for a few shows? i think they were gonna get hitched but maybe she forgot!*L*

  4. Quantum Leap was one of the two shows my mother enjoyed (Star Trek the Next Generation was the other) so we always looked forward to watching.

  5. Sam was married? I totally don’t remember him being married. I do remember the sad episodes involving Al’s first wife and him being a POW though.

  6. I used to watch this all the time with my mom. She was so in love with him! Me too though so it’s ok. I’ll have to dig the tapes out (my mom used to tape them when they were on) and watch them all. But they are on DVD now so maybe I’ll just break down and buy the first season.

  7. Brooke Shields doesn’t have to act at all in my book. She can just sit there being eye candy!!

    And I didn’t get #4… Explainey?
    (I was a casual viewer, not a diehard fan, sorry).

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