Thursday Thirteen and Quitters

So, I’m a quitter. I’m sorry Bellezza. I did last as long as I could. I read, skimmed, and eventually skipped my way to about halfway through the book. Then I skipped to the end of the book, looking to see if it got any better. But I just can’t finish The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I struggled through the difficult language and politics discussion as long as I could. It’s just not as action or adventure oriented as I’m used to. It’s definitely heavy on conversation. It’s funny, because I can read books on apologetics and theology and not get bored, but when I read a science fiction book I guess it has to have more than just dialog and ideas. But I hope the rest of you enjoy it! I’m glad I tried though. Don’t get me wrong. I can say I at least gave Heinlein a shot. And now, I’ll get back to my action-packed favorite new series – Rogue Angel: The Spider Stone.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I finished the October Challenge a couple of days ago. The last book that I finished, The Nephilim, was too cheesy to even review.

And now, onto Thirteen of My Favorite Current Series of Books:

1. Rogue Angel, by Alex Archer
2. The Noble Dead Series, by Barb and J.C. Hendee by Joss Whedon
3. Runaways, by Brian K. Vaughan (being taken over by Joss Whedon)
4. Diagnosis Murder, by Lee Goldberg
5. The Undead Series, by MJ Davidson
6. Astonishing X-Men, by Joss Whedon
7. Southern Vampire Series, by Charlaine Harris
8. Star Trek: The Next Generation Novels, by various authors
9. Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis Novels, by various authors
10. Battlestar Galactica Continuation Novels, by Richard Hatch
11. Half-Blood Chronicles, by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. (The forth book has been listed as “in progress” on Lackey’s website for a while now. But who knows if there will really be any more since Norton passed away. I’m still hoping!)
12. Cece Caruso Mysteries, by Susan Kandel
13. Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom Series, by Julie Kenner

13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen and Quitters”

  1. Jenclair – A heads up (just in case you didn\’t know) the two Joss Whedon series are graphic novels/comics. I wait on Runaways for the graphic novels, since they come in small paperback form for a much cheaper price than buying individually.

  2. That Demon Hunting Soccer Mom book sounds fascinating!

    My TT has the first 13 lines of my short story “Demon Rescuer” which will be released tomorrow for free!

  3. Great list. 🙂 I love Runaways – it’s one of my favourite comic books right now. 🙂 Astonishing X-Men is also on our sub list at the comic book store. 🙂

    I also enjoy 8 and 9 on your list. 🙂 Haven’t checked out any BSG books yet, though.

    Happy TT. 🙂

  4. Great list. I like the Sookie books (though I’m only on book two. I’m already rooting for Eric, who I thought was hot the moment he stepped on the page!).

    I have Julie Kenner’s book on my TBR. And I’d like to suggest JD Robb if you haven’t read them. Fabulous. Great characters, nice love story arc, wonderful mysteries, and thought-provoking social commentary.

  5. Thanks for the reading suggestions. I saw on your sidebar that you are watching Mary Tyler Moore Season 2—-Gotta love the MTM Show!! It is one of my favorites!

    My TT is up!

  6. Yippie Another Sci-Fi Chickie out there!
    I love love love reading watching and daydreaming about sci-fi!

    Great list of books…sorry you didn’t like Heinlein, I’ve read a lot of his stuff and well it’s an aquired taste.

    I just picked up “the Thirteenth Tale” it looks very interesting.

    My TT’s up too!

  7. racyli – The Demon Hunting Soccer Mom books are great.. very funny and plenty of action.

    Caylynn – A classic BSG comic just came out on Wednesday (#1)! Can’t wait to read that too. Richard Hatch’s novels are good.. gives you a glimpse of where he wanted to take the franchise.

    Colleen – I Eric is my favorite too.. it gets a little frustrating with their on again off again thing.
    I haven’t read any JD Robb yet.. though I’ve heard good things!

    Tracie – I love the Mary Tyler Moore Show.. It’s hilarious & I can relate to her situation.. single and (almost) 30.. and all the dating mishaps. That show is timeless!

    Imperfect Christian – Man, I’m not sure.. if you’ve never been exposed to it.. and if you like action/adventure.. I’d probably have you ease into it with the Rogue Angel books.. starting with the first Rogue Angel: Destiny. Though I guess it qualifies more as fantasy than scifi..

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