4 thoughts on “Watch SCC Pilot Tonight!”

  1. I’m interested in this show, though I’m not a fan of being told I have to be in front of a TV at a certain time and date to watch on the station’s schedule.

    The 24 hour window is nice for this episode, so I’ll probably check it out, but if they don’t keep an Internet disctibution model I’d probably have to wait until it’s released on DVD or iTunes before I see any more.

    Terminator does rock though, and I hope this show does well.

  2. I was concerned when I heard they were making a TV series based on the Terminator story arc. I always have my qualms about any intellectual property that has been adapted to a different medium from the original: books/comics to movies, movies to video games, etc.

    But after watching the premiere I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how engrossed I was in SCC.

    I’ll definitely continue watching over the next few weeks – hopefully they can maintain the momentum of the premiere ep.

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