Kelly McCullough’s WebMage is his cyberpunk debut.

Grandson of one of the Greek Fates, Ravirn is a college student and hacker/sorcerer. Accompanied by his familiar Melchior, Ravirn stumbles upon a virus in the Fate Core for which he soon gets blamed. But while trying to flee for his life and clear his name, Ravirn stumbles upon a conspiracy that he never could have imagined.

McCullough has created a truly unique world that blends science fiction and fantasy – a high-tech, cyber age controlled by magic and gods. While the tech lingo was a bit hard to follow, this debut is fast-paced with plenty of action and adventure. Ravirn gets himself into one bad situation after another, with very few people he can trust. Ravirn’s web goblin familiar, Melchior, is an exceptionally clever character. Along with the powerful and cruel Fates, the characters and adventure were the highlights of the story. As one who doesn’t read much cyberpunk, I found myself really enjoying this debut novel and looking forward to its sequel, Cybermancy.

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