Young Kirks

According to SciFiWire, Jimmy Bennett has been cast to play a younger version of James T. Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek film. The young actor, who will be 12 next month, has already been in several movies – Hostage, The Amityville Horror, Firewall, Poseidon and Evan Almighty.

Also, 15-year-old Spencer Daniels has been cast in the role of Jim Kirk’s older brother, George Jr. The character of George Kirk Jr. was referenced in the original Star Trek series in the episodes “What are Little Girls Made Of?” and “Operation: Annihilate!”

Star Trek XI will release on Christmas Day.

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  1. It should be a law that the only actor allowed to play James T. Kirk is William Shatner. The man is an actor — let him play Kirk as a child.

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