The Blue-Haired Bombshell

The Blue-Haired Bombshell, by John Zakour, is a cleverly written science fiction escapade.

Private Detective Zach Johnson finds himself in the middle of a political battle between the Moonies and Earth. And the people from the moon are willing to do anything to win their freedom from Earth, including murder. When a young woman from Earth is framed for murdering three of World Council members, Zach follows his suspects to the moon. Zach must hunt down a murderer, while constantly on the lookout for those who want him out of the way.

A wonderful mixture of humor and adventure, this science fiction mystery was a fun treat. And though this is not the first in the series, I didn’t have any trouble jumping into the story. The character of Zach Johnson is extremely witty, compassionate, and a glutton for punishment. His AI, HARV, has an extremely sarcastic and arrogant personality which makes him almost Zach’s opposite. The rest of the characters are pretty satirical in nature, making for a humorous look into the distant future.

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2 thoughts on “The Blue-Haired Bombshell”

  1. Hello, I am librarian, and I have a question to you:

    Are you read this book??:

    “The host” by Stephenie Meyer

    My mail: [email protected]

    I am interested in read it, but I don´t have the book…you can pass me a copy by pc?? or photocopies ??? I can´t wait to read it!!

    Thank you very much

    (Noemi, from Spain, 34 years old)

    Do you know any web where I can buy this book now (and not in mail 08) ?? thank you!!

  2. Noemi – I have received a review copy of “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer, but I haven’t read it yet. Photocopying without permission is illegal. If you are interested in a review copy, I suggest you check with the publishing company – Little, Brown Books – to see if they’ll send you one by mail.

    And you can preorder this title online through Amazon now.

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