Your Planet or Mine?

Your Planet or Mine?

What a great title! I decided to grab Your Planet or Mine? by Susan Grant when I heard positive reviews on a forum that I frequent.  It incorporates science fiction, romance and comedy.  So I thought I had to give a try just for that!  I wasn’t disappointed.  This was such a fun read!

An alien comes to earth to warn the earth that an invasion is coming, and to capture the heart of a young woman that he met years ago.  The “romance” scenes get steamy, but they don’t overshadow the story.  I’ll definitely be checking out some of her other scifi/romance books: The Legend of Banzai Maguire and The Scarlet Empress  from the 2176 series.

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    You look JUST like a girl that sits next to me at work…I swear you could be her twin! She’s into scifi, too. Maybe you were separated at birth…

  2. I saw your posts over at my blog and wanted to thank you for your Amazon review. Great blog, great site. We share taste in books. Mind if I add your link over at mine?

    Thanks again!

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