My Favorite Earthling

Grant creates another intergalactic, romantic winner.

My Favorite Earthling, by Susan Grant, is a stand-alone sequel to Your Planet or Mine? and an incredibly fun and fast-paced story. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of My Favorite Earthling and couldn’t put it down.

In the wake of a near alien invasion, Jared Jasper finds himself in a strange predicament. In order to save Earth from an intergalactic incident, he must agree to an engagement with a beautiful, yet dangerous, alien queen.

Queen Keira has been avoiding suitors and making eunuchs of those who dare to force themselves on her. But when she’s told that she must marry a barbarian human man, she decides it’s best to ally her people with the strangely primitive world.

But there are those who won’t stand for the union. When strange “accidents” result in murders, and near misses for Jared, he realizes that Queen Keira has at least one traitor in her midst.

Susan Grant’s newest book is another exciting and witty installment in this new series. I love her characters and subtle humor. And her firm grasp in the science fiction genre only adds to the action and adventure.

Check out Your Planet or Mine?, then go pick up My Favorite Earthling, available now from Amazon.

An excerpt can be read here.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Earthling”

  1. I am going to have to read this!!! I’ve heard of ‘Your Planet or Mine’ but I haven’t seen it in the Barns and Noble I go to… maybe I will order it.

  2. I’ll admit, part of me wants to read this book but part of me looks at the cover and says, “umm…no”. The premise sounds really interesting though. It would make a good movie.

  3. SolShine – LOL.. Yeah, it’s one of those covers where I’d want to keep the book turned-over while buying it. But I’m not used to buying romances either.

  4. I would buy it just for the cover. Yup. It’s sooo sad, but I’m a cover girl… I don’t read the back blurb unless I like the front… and I likkie! 😉

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