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The meme I’ve been tagged for, by Ron says to post 7 songs that you are currently into and tag 7 others. Those who want to play can consider themselves tagged. I know, I’m lazy.

1. You Know My Name, by Chris Cornell from Casino Royale titles. – I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count. I’m only upset that the movie soundtrack doesn’t have this song on it.

2. Hello, by Lionel Richie. – I recently bought his greatest hits CD, and am playing it to death.

3. Power of Love, by Huey Lewis and the News – Another greatest hits album. And the song always reminds me of Back to the Future.

4. Sway, by Michael Bublé – Actually, just about every song he sings. I have most of his CD’s and I rarely skip any of his songs.

5. Sophisticated Swing, by Michael Feinstein – Back in high school, I used to play his cd’s constantly. Even to sleep, since most of them are so smooth.

6. Dream On, by Aerosmith – The early years. Love their “Best of” collections too… from any decade.

7. With or Without You, by U2 – Does this really need an explanation?

9 thoughts on “Song Tag”

  1. I always have heard good things about Michael Buble, but I have never managed to pick up a CD. Aerosmith, U2, and the new Chris Cornell song from Casino Royale definitely are excellent choices!

  2. Zeus – Buble’s voice is amazingly smooth. You should definitely check him out. You can listen to parts of his songs on Amazon on the link above.

  3. With or Without You is the greatest U2 song ever made, one of the greatest ballads of all time. Right up there with Sting’s Every Breath You Take.

    And I love the You Know My Name song, I should see if it’s on itunes.

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