The Prodigal Troll

The Prodigal Troll

The Prodigal Troll is a debut novel by Charles Coleman Finlay.

Rescued by a female troll, the infant Claye is raised as a troll, learning their language, customs, and way of life. Since this is all he’s ever known, Claye (or “Maggot” as he is named by the trolls) finds it hard to relate to humans on his first ventures in meeting others of his own kind.

This is a humorous and moving tale in the vein of such classics as The Jungle Book and Tarzan. With characterization as the strength of this novel, Finlay has created a fantastic world for this tragic circumstance. Seeing the human world from Maggot’s troll mindset, invokes times of humor as well as drama in a realistic way. Well, as realistic as a world where trolls and magic are the norm.

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel. And I look forward to the next, in which the ending of The Prodigal Troll leaves wide open for a sequel.

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